Thursday, April 06, 2006

Slater, Gateway

- Need to train students to effectively use the technology
- Important for at least teachers to have tablets in the classrooms, for its many uses


David said...

I don't know how to measure the effectiveness, but I share your thought that all of us need to "tell our story" better. Might it make sense for one of the Microsoft or HP grants go to a team that will chronicle the work of all the recipients? Someone who has the expertise in creating high-quality expression of ideas?

And maybe then a measure becomes:

1. How many people visit a certain page created by that chronicler-group?
2. How many groups cite that page in their own work?

Jennifer Borse said...

New technologies give us more power to see into the thought processes of learners - features like "Replay" in software such as DyKnow Vision gives researchers new insight into how students think - we don't just see end results as examples of student learning, we see whole processes...this has the potential to have a profound impact on educational evaluation.