Friday, April 07, 2006


Some conclusions...

We need a killer app for the Tablet... DyKnow? (killer app for laptops is email)

Vendors need help in marketing the Tablet! Use your customers to sell the Tablet, esp education.

The connectivity, pen-based computing heralds a new paradigm for computing

Improving the solution:

* more horsepower (should just happen)
* lighter (should be a pad of paper in weight)
* instant-on!!! (do we have combination locks on our notebook?)
* make all the pens the same across vendors
* more battery without more weight
* screens that we can see in all kinds of light,
* more and better apps to better emulate the writing experience


Is it possible that the Tablet in use engages both sides of the brain???

If notetaking is so important, then we should hold them accountable for it... paraphrasing to build understanding.


Think of digital ink as link between personal expression and collaboration?

Only one copy of every piece of digital content is needed; we just need to use content management appropriately and set up "rents" in an economically sensible way

Cincinnati Country Day - Tablets engage the right side of the brain?


More notes on Joel Backon's talk:

The Han dynasty established a confucian exam system, pass - you were elite, not pass, you remain peasant.

No Child Left Behind claims to move people along through system, but end result is just the creation of a small elite (just like the Han dynasty did)

Most of the changes suggested to fix schools just fixes them more firmly in place. Top-down strategies are coercive, more stick than carrot, so they just frighten their targets, perfectly designed to diminish attractiveness of teaching as a career.

Thus the testing creates a power elite.


Interesting to note that during Joel's talk that some faculty resisted the Tablet even though it cost them nothing vs a laptop or desktop.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Question: Will a desktop survive in the future, or will laptops "take over"?
Audience Question: Has anyone else felt tablets replacing their current methods of communication? If so, why?
Audience Thoughts: Is Vista PC compatible? Is vista downloadable, upgradable from SP2?

Audience Question

How does one convince IT support in upper administration that this is a good thing and we should get on board?
What new and improved features for ink technologies will be available?

Audience Question

Does pen-based technology have to be restricted to mobile technology?

Audience Question:

Where is the validation of learning increase in using pen-based applications?
Audience Thoughts: How have you been successful, how have you moved forward in your mission to integrate technology with K-12 education?
Audience Question: One of the main complaints physicians have is the form factor with tablets. The origami devices are small enough so they would fit in lab coats. High computing power is not a requirement. Tablets are easier to disinfect than keyboards.


- increase collaboration
- K-12, higher-ed, public institutions as well as private, language uses, field studies - large positive feedback from all areas
- the system is large, allows for expansion
- thanks to the users, who have been very thoughtful working towards positive solutions
- team effort of teachers, supporters, parents, students, vendors
- data is showing very positive feedback
Panel Question: What was it that allowed you to move things forward? How did you navigate through pushing the technology forward? What were some of supports?

Jim, HP

- HP Technology for Teaching, K-12 as well as higher education establishments
- Redefine the classroom, redefine teaching
- K-12, mostly US...1700 teachers...not yet one-to-one
- Hooking up users to share experiences and gain new insight
- Simple use of Tablet PC's very effective, such as for presentations
- The ability to know in real time what students are thinking
- Adjust lesson plans and presentations in real time, as opposed to traditional next-day feedback
- Technology is important - students should be producing, not just consuming

Slater, Gateway

- Need to train students to effectively use the technology
- Important for at least teachers to have tablets in the classrooms, for its many uses
Panel question: When it comes to measuring the impact of integrating this technology in your classrooms how do you measure your success?

Jane, Microsoft

-Need creative ideas for developing higher education
-Believed that tablet pc's can make a difference
-It is important for feedback among the community, to make advancements

panel question

Panel question: How can Microsoft as a big industry help enable you as a community help infuse the tablet?

I am embarassed to say that SOME people on the WIPTE organizing committee took notes on paper instead of the Tablet PC sitting just behind...

Zvi Ritz preparing for the keynote speaker on Thursday morning.


Sunrise the morning of the WIPTE conference, just outside the parking garage