Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jim, HP

- HP Technology for Teaching, K-12 as well as higher education establishments
- Redefine the classroom, redefine teaching
- K-12, mostly US...1700 teachers...not yet one-to-one
- Hooking up users to share experiences and gain new insight
- Simple use of Tablet PC's very effective, such as for presentations
- The ability to know in real time what students are thinking
- Adjust lesson plans and presentations in real time, as opposed to traditional next-day feedback
- Technology is important - students should be producing, not just consuming

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Vince DiStasi said...

There are multiple levels that need to be considered from hardware, software, publishers, teachers, etc.

What would be most beneficial from a hardware manufacturing standpoint is to release products that coincide with the academic schedule. Releasing new product in June or July is often late for adoption for fall semesters taking in to consideration, delivery, imaging, etc. Please consider releasing products in April/May time frame.