Friday, April 07, 2006


Some conclusions...

We need a killer app for the Tablet... DyKnow? (killer app for laptops is email)

Vendors need help in marketing the Tablet! Use your customers to sell the Tablet, esp education.

The connectivity, pen-based computing heralds a new paradigm for computing

Improving the solution:

* more horsepower (should just happen)
* lighter (should be a pad of paper in weight)
* instant-on!!! (do we have combination locks on our notebook?)
* make all the pens the same across vendors
* more battery without more weight
* screens that we can see in all kinds of light,
* more and better apps to better emulate the writing experience


Hank said...

Seems that these improvements make sense and that they will work themselves out. I would hate to have to wait for the perfect tablet to take advange of the power it offers right now.

I did not realize what a novelty my tablet PC is. When ever I am using it it draws attention. I have been working with it for about three months. It has taken me most of this time to get used to using digital ink and stop filling up yellow legal pads. I am nearly there, but not quite.

I have the opportunity to pilot test DyKnow with my class in May 2006. I need to get through this and learn more before I try to push it too much with my colleagues. I want to be able to demonstrate the power of the table to them.

Mary Marotta said...

Are UMPC's Ultra Mobile Personal Comuters (mini tablets) part of this forum? This may be a more cost effective way to introduce inking in the classroom.